The Tiptoe Project

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Where it all began.

In December 1952, the same month that my mum Patricia was born, a children’s song called Tip Toe The Birthday Elf was released in the USA. Mum’s older brother Peter John had been gifted a copy of the record at that time and for as long as she can remember, they would sing Tip Toe the Birthday Elf every year on the eve of their birthdays.

That tradition has continued through the generations and Mum (now Grandma) still sings Tiptoe the Birthday Elf to everyone she knows on the day before their birthdays. She may well have even sung it to you!

While the original record was long lost, in 2012 (and after many years of searching) Patricia finally managed to find a digital copy of the song on the world wide web. Although now considered a ‘vintage’ record with somewhat poor sound quality, the warmth in the tune and the joy of it’s message keeps us coming back to it over and over again.

The Tiptoe project.

For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of re-recording Tiptoe the Birthday Elf and sharing the song en masse with children and families around the world. I genuinely believe that people will love the magic of Tiptoe as much as my family has for more than three generations.

Furthermore I have often pondered the physical characteristics of this joyful little chap, which piqued my enthusiasm for bringing a tangible, huggable version of Tiptoe the Birthday Elf (the character) to life. In pursuit of that dream, I enrolled in Toy Creators Academy®.

As of 2023 I continue to be passionate about the development of the Tiptoe the Birthday Elf™ brand. Now a registered trademark, there have been numerous iterations of the character design thus far, although Tiptoe’s endearing attributes are his joyful expression, his pointy elven ears, a rainbow striped onesie and his magical, twinkly toes.

Our shared vision.

For all of us, birthdays represent another year of growth and lessons learned with an opportunity to pause, reflect and appreciate all that we are and have been. Birthdays bring about memories, emotions and experiences that help us celebrate the miracle of life.

Tiptoe the Birthday Elf represents the joy of thoughtfulness and giving - a delight we all feel at one point or another. Tiptoe the Birthday Elf embodies the spiritual joy we share with others. He is the joyful, kind and compassionate face of the greater spirit that lives and walks among us.

As described on the About page of this website, Tiptoe the Birthday Elf’s mission is “to celebrate and serenade every living person on their birthdays” delighting all who believe in his magical powers. You too can share the magic of Tiptoe the Birthday Elf™ with friends and loved ones.

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